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Oh my! We are delighted!

Your hug is on its way to Chewy and Stephen through a physical bear!

If you have filled your email, we might notify you once we have received it

Maybe a picture, a gif...we are still figuring it out!

Thank you for sharing your kindness!

Bear With Me is an Internet of Things experiment that turns virtual hugs into physical hugs!

Welcome! to the quarantine life of two sad bears. Chewy and Stephen

If you'd like, you can send a virtual hug / a kiss here, with some message. ( is sensitive...please be kind. )

The hug/kiss will be sent to an 8ft tall robot bear, who will read out your message and give us a real hug/kiss! bearHug bearHug

Click here to watch the documentation video!

techincal breakdown

PS + Spine + PIXI.js + webpack ->

-> MongoDB + AWS + Raspberry Pi + Arduino ->

<- one stuffed bear + 3d printer + sketchup